Nature from the best view

Is looking into the eyes and soul of a loving and faithful dog.  



I have spent a Lifetime together with Yorkshire Terriers, they are always on my mind - my home can not hide that fact, because it is full breed items and memoribilias that I have collected over the years.  Some gifts, some prices  and some are self treatment and souvinirs from travels and shows abroad. But my greatest tresures has and will always be my Yorkies.

My Library is the history of my dedication and determination to learn all there is about the  small English breed known as the Yorkshire Terrier - the Yorkie. But it is also the history of all the great breeders before me because they made my path possible.  As  Robert A. Heinlein said— 'A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.' Remember that. It goes for preservation of Our Yorkies too.

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